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About us

  S.C SAL COMPANY SRL is a private company specially built and designed for electrochemical and vacuum platings. Also it is specialized in laquer finish and dye liquor for vacuum platings and other aplications (particulary for glasses).

  Vacuum plating line consist in a equipment of 1200x900mm dimensions, for handicraft coatings on any materials inclusiv plastic, with a large variety of colors.

  Electrochemical plating line consist on twenty five baths of 2000x800x1000mm dimensions, for chlorid zinc and alkalin cynaide free zinc, acid cooper, nikel, chrom and anodic aluminium oxidizinc.

  In this moment very solicitated is chloride zinc and alkaline cynaide free zinc with blue and yellow passivation, anode aluminium oxidizinc, (decorative and black/blue color tone) and nikel bath.

We offer
  Metal coatings for various metals , handicraft coating on various materials, with a wide variety of colours. For more info click here.
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